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Brooklyn Knit Chick

Monday, June 29, 2009

Where did June go? Oh I remember, it got washed away

I can't believe the first month of summer is almost gone. It's rained about every day of June, so here in NY we still feel like we're waiting for summer to begin.

I spend most of the middle of the month on a plane. First I was off to TNNA, in Columbus. The best thing about flying to beautiful Columbus was my old Stage Manager pal Michele driving TWO hours just to have dinner with me. Now that's a friend!

We had a lovely dinner and then took a stroll around downtown Columbus

I took some great classes while I was there. Here's my tiny little sock from my toe up sock class:

For me I wanted a slip stitch heel, so I started a toe up for myself using this great little calculator for slip stitch heel I found from Knot Another Hat. It was a pretty fast knit on the plane. By the time I got home I had:

I couldn't resist a side by side a few days later

I really like the heel. It's feels exactly the same as a cuff down gusset with picked up stitches (without the annoying picking up stitches)

and the following weekend I flew to Chicago to visit my family. My mom wanted to know why I never blog about them. I told her when she knitted something I'd blog about her . . . just kidding, hi mom (we'll see if she finds this).

It was great seeing everyone, even though I had just gotten off a plane 4 days earlier. My brother and sister and I have never give presents just because it's an occasion. Instead we buy a gift when we see one that looks good. My brother gave me this cool book. He found it at a resale shop.

How cool is that??

I finished my Coachella while I was in Chicago

ta da

I went upstairs to take some timer shots in our garden . . . and of course, it started to rain (hence the next shot being taken inside)

The front ended up way drapier then the pattern picture. I like it anyway.

Next plane trip . . . Ireland. I'm so excited. Aran Islands, yarn shops in Dublin, Sheep & Wool museum in Leanane, and lots of Sheep!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Missing WWKIP day . . . AGAIN

Sunday was my favorite type of day, some work in the garden, picking some food . . .


(Artichokes coming along nicely)

and enjoying the roses.

David settled down to correct a giant pile of homework,

and I decided to do some spinning

I was inspired to get out the wheel in the garden because I knew Michele & Will were coming over for some spindle spinning and Tony night.

My joyful day was interrupted when I realized that my professional knitting life was to (once again) interfere with my personal knitting life. I had been SOOO looking forward to WWKIP day this Saturday. I just looked at the Calendar to realize . . . ahhhhhh . . . I'll be in Ohio for TNNA. Why of why is the trade show for the needle arts on the same weekend as World Wide Knit in Public Day?? Big drag. Last year I also missed it, because I was taking a continuing ed, machine knitting class, at FIT.

I did finish Stew's baby sweater. Turned out really cute.

In addition to the Flame Stitch Cardigan, I needed a mindless subway project. Enter Coachella, done in Cotton-Ease. I LOVE this yarn.